These programs for the private sector will get small and medium sized enterprises in Yukon growing and working together to improve our economy.
With these programs, the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce will create a business friendly community and a dynamic private sector. The Chamber has heard its members when they say "Do Something!" so these programs reflect what we are doing to cultivate our business sector. Together we will develop a healthy and expanding private sector.

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Human Resources: Supporting Your People & Your Organization Workshop

Have you felt a shift in your workplace? You're not alone.  How have the last two years changed the employee experience and culture of your workplace? What are the skill gaps in your organization? How can you best support your employees through the stresses of rehiring, relearning and reopening?  

This breakfast workshop series will help you understand how the world of work is changing, develop a greater understanding of current HR practices and confidence to tackle the constant change we are living in. 

Learn how the world of Human Resources is adapting and changing with local legislation and global trends.  Participants will explore and discuss elements of hybrid workforces, recruitment & retention opportunities and challenges and employee wellness.  A successful leader is one who asks great questions, manages through change, communicates effectively and tackles conversations in a timely and supportive manner.  

Join us for this interactive workshop and expand your leadership skills.

Facilitated by: RF HR Consulting
Dates: March 28, March 30th and April 4 & 5th (Four Sessions)
Time: 8:30 AM -10:30 AM
Delivery: Zoom
Cost: $100

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Campaign Objectives:


  • Elevate consumer awareness of the economic benefits of buying local, currently and into the future;
  • Develop a campaign that supports WCC membership and the business community in reopening to local consumers;
  • Highlight the priority of local spending by governments and corporations through their procurement processes;
  • Impart the value that local businesses play in the economic and social landscape of Whitehorse.




Now more than ever, Whitehorse businesses need our support.  This has been a challenging time for all of us, but particularly for those people who have invested their lives in building the businesses that we rely on.  We don’t need to travel down South, or order online to get the things that we need.  Local businesses are happy to feed you, dress you, and outfit you with everything you need and want.  Local businesses are part of our community.  Local businesses contribute to the lives of Yukoners, support fundraising programs, sponsor teams and organizations, and volunteer to help wherever it is needed.  To ‘buy local’ is to support your community, and will help strengthen us.  


Work-Shop-Play (Local)


Think local first when making purchases.  It might be tempting to let your fingers do your shopping for you, but supporting local businesses is important.  Call around, check local websites, and ask for local recommendations before ordering something online.  Supporting local businesses supports community.   It’s such an easy way to give back to the businesses that have given us so much.


Enjoy-Stay-Eat (Local)


We live in one of the most exciting and beautiful places in the world.  Your friends and family from other places are looking at the photos of your staycation and they are envious.  Embrace your good fortune, and become a tourist in your own City.  Take in our dining experiences, go on a local shopping spree, treat yourself to a night away in a local hotel or inn, and experience your City again for the first time. 


Eat-Play-Travel (Local)


Try something new this summer.  Take a sightseeing flight over a glacier, paddle the Yukon River, or go on a horsepacking adventure.  Learn new skills, and develop a new understanding of how great local travel can be.  Sample locally grown foods, then try international cuisine - experience the wildness of our rivers, and the tranquility of our trails -  be inspired by local art, and then listen to the sounds of nature - all without leaving home.  


Value-Spend-Grow (Local)


Local businesses should be the focus of government procurement processes.  Local companies provide local jobs and stimulate the economy.  When you purchase goods or services from a Whitehorse business, you are supporting the families that they employ.  Our companies give back to the community, by volunteering, providing sponsorships, and donating to fundraising events.  Our companies need to come first, now more than ever.


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Click here to see available spots and to reserve a Corner Planter Box.


Click here to reserve a Rectangular Planter Box.




  • Planter boxes are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Each business can reserve one (1) planter box. The business can choose what type of box and the location of the planter box they wish to place an advertisement.
  • Businesses must submit a registration form, including their preferred type of planter box as well as the location. One planter box per Whitehorse business

Click here to see available spots and to reserve a Corner Planter Box

Click here to reserve a Rectangular Planter Box 

  • The program is open to all Whitehorse businesses, however, first priority will be given to WCC members.
  • Weatherproof signage may be placed on one (1) side for a rectangular planter box and one (1) or all four (4) sides of corner planter boxes, in a manner that does not detract from the beauty of the boxes. 
  • WCC will notify each business prior to placement of the planter boxes. Sign installation and removal are the responsibility of the business at both the beginning and end of the program.
    • If required, sign installation and removal are available by the Chamber at an additional cost and must be inquired upon registration.
  • The City of Whitehorse will be providing staff and equipment to help deliver, maintain and remove the planter boxes following the end of the program. 
  • The fees to reserve your planter box(es) are payable to the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce and invoices are due prior to delivery. Failure to make a payment will result in the cancellation of the planter box advertising, and boxes will be offered to the next available business.


Partnering for Success is a Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce initiative created to strengthen economic growth, prosperity and cooperation throughout the territory. This private-sector driven initiative exists to encourage and support our business community, industry associations,governments and First Nations to work together, address common challenges and most importantly, find common solutions for the benefit of all Yukon residents.

It is imperative that as a small jurisdiction,we come together and identify the opportunities that will propel our economy forward – for our generation, for our children and for their children. Vision Partnering for Success is a conduit for cooperation to foster economic prosperity for Yukon.


Partnering for Success is a conduit for cooperation to foster economic prosperity for Yukon.


Partnering for Success acts to foster economic prosperity through strengthened collaboration, understanding and awareness between business and all orders of government to affect proactive, timely and solution-oriented action and change.