"Even the biggest, most successful companies hire the best experts to help develop their business. That's how they become even bigger and more successful."

 —Olivier Pellegrin, Business Manager, the Yukon Business Development Program.


In order to meet your specific needs, a team of experts is recruited not only from the Yukon and Canada but sometimes from locations around the world.

This Business Advisory Board typically has two to four experts with complementary skills relevant to the industrial sector of your business. They are recruited by the Business Advisor in consultation with yourself, and the sessions will be planned with intervals covering several months. The sessions are typically intensive, one or two-day meetings.

The invited experts and specialists are selected according to the specialized needs of each client and to their specific sector. In the past, these consultants working with YBDP have included:

  • A marketing specialist, a specialist in environment business contracts and reclamation projects
  • A communications marketing and advertising expert experienced in the reclamation environment
  • A marketing specialist in the service bureau sector with great production/automation experience.
  • A marketing specialist and consultant in nutrition and food products a consultant in food processing and food governmental regulation.
  • An operations management and “Lean Thinking” deployment strategy experts.
  • Sales and new ventures experts, an online marketing expert and marketing consultants.
  • The general manager of a professional association in mining equipment and services for export, a business and marketing manager experienced in the oil exploration sector, and a testing expert in mining exploration
  • A senior-level marketing strategist and GM with experience in high-growth markets that leverage computing/communications technology
  • An instrumentation controls specialist in the distillery industry
  • The owner of highly successful tourism company
  • A private financial fundraising specialist
  • The owner of an ecotourism travel agency targeting the customer who is interested in learning about local and aboriginal cultures
  • The director of a First Nation culture and heritage organization
  • Expertise in the fashion merchandising industry and a professor and expert in production management in the textile/clothing industry.
  • A general manager of a successful electronic manufacturing company

Olivier Pellegrin

Director/Business Advisor/Project Manager
Fron Synergie Industries Inc

Phone: (867) 333-9612
Email: [email protected]
Skype: klondikers

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Olivier has over 25 years of experience and success in providing customized services in strategic management, business development, project management, production and technology assessment and optimization, business coaching and advisory support with the aim of maximizing growth and improving business performance for companies of various size and in various industry sectors.

Whatever the size, the industry sector or the status of organization (public or private), Olivier has a proven track record in project management and successful support for 67 companies and organizations including First Nations corporations. Partnering with governmental organizations and NGOs, Olivier through his own company Synergie Industries Inc., initiated, concretized and has been carrying out the Yukon Business Development Program (YBDP) for over 11 years, helping Yukon companies as renowned as Air North, Carcross Tagish Management Corporation, Lumel Studios and Icefield Tools attain their business goals.

Besides when YBDP was put temporarily on hold in 2014 by the governmental organizations due to their budget constraints, Olivier took over the position of Executive Director of Kluane First Nation Government and oversaw the operation of the First Nation government. In the meantime, he was also sitting on the Board of Directors for the Na-cho Nyak Dun Development Corporation, advising on issues ranging from strategic planning, governance, financial management and human resources management.

Prior to moving to the Yukon. Olivier already has ran his own company Synergie Industries Inc. in Québec for nine years, focusing mostly on R&D projects of high-technology and innovation. Olivier brings not only his expertise in a wide range of fields such as engineering, business administration, project management, human resources management, financial management and governance, but also an international business network built on his previous work and training experience in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, including over 272 skilled BAB experts he worked with from all over the world.