Service Station Attendant

Position Description
I. Position Title
Service Station Attendant/ Propane Gas Attendant – NOC 6621
Incumbent -
II. Position Summary
Responsible for the selling of fuel, propane, and confectionery items. Providing full service to the customer. Cleaning and maintaining the Propane shack and pumps.
III. Duties and Responsibilities
Providing full service to all Gas Customers. Including washing windows, checking under the hood, checking tires.
Inspecting, Recertifing & Filling of Propane Cylinders of up to 100lb size
Greeting all customers in a friendly, courteous manner
Taking payments and giving back correct change
Correctly use and operate the POS machines
Supplying vehicle license numbers for all charges
Keeping the pumps and pump islands clean and free of dirt on a regular basis
Restocking oils, w/w, etc.
Completing applicable sections of closing & opening count sheets and checklists, as well as the other daily checklists
Informing the Assistant Managers of any low inventory levels
Informing the Assistant Manager of any low supply levels
Perform his/her duties in a safety conscious manner that protects all employees and customers from injury and/or damage to property, both the companies and 3rd parties
Provide assistance to co-workers on an ongoing basis as and when required
Fill out Fuel slips for each vehicle.
Must be able to work Nights & Weekends
Other duties as required
IV. Reporting Structure

  • Reports to Station Manager and his/her Assistant Managers

V. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Ability to work with colleagues in a co-operative manner
  • Ability to deal with the public
  • Must be physically capable of performing the duties and responsibilities as described
  • Propane Training Certificates 100-01, 100-08 & 100-04 or National Accepted Equivalents
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Customer Service