Ruth Lera

Being a student of Ruth’s is both fulfilling and fun. Ruth’s holistic approach to learning is nothing like we’ve experienced before – mindfulness meditation commences and concludes each class. “Creating the Business You Really WANT” was the description of a three-part class Ruth Lera offered in partnership with cospace. The course promised to assist with; uncovering your internal entrepreneurial motivations, identifying how you want to measure personal success, discovering your greatest business strengths and how to best use them and finally, finding the community and industry supports you presently need. We found the course offerings completely compelling and really liked how there was a local focus on industry stakeholders, and businesses helping businesses.

What exactly is Ruth’s business focus? For those that are beginning their spiritual and healing journey, or those that feel stuck somewhere along the way, Ruth Lera has been offering our community the tools, techniques, and resources you need to move smoothly down your path. With meditation techniques, online courses, and intuitive energy healing sessions, working with Ruth Lera can provide you with the new perspective you need to jumpstart your life-changing journey.

Originally from Toronto, Ruth found the Yukon spontaneously. A one-way flight and living in a Teepee on Atlin Lake was the beginning of her Northern life. Not to mention unintentionally finding the man who would end up being her life partner “I was living in a teepee, a Jewish girl from Toronto who knew nothing about living in the bush! Andy and I got stranded at the O’Donnell river on a return trip from the Llewlyn glacier and next thing I knew I had moved from the teepee to his wall tent. We’ve been together for 22 years and have a 16-year-old son and 10 year old daughter!”

We asked Ruth how she found her calling because after all, mindfulness meditation and energy healing is a unique career path. “My background started with Early Childhood Development diploma at Yukon College, from there I went to University of Victoria and completed a degree in Child and Youth Care studied human, and social development for basically 6 years and have found this training to be critical to my meditation teaching and energy healing offerings.”

Ruth’s “Mindfulness Mediation” offering teaches people how to work with their own minds and to purposely choose where to place their attention, her “1:1 Energy Healing Sessions” are offered online or the phone. Her rolodex is quite impressive too. Her clients span the world; Yukon, Australia, Chicago, New York, Calcutta, Norway, “I have to do a lot of keeping track of time zones!”

We asked Ruth what it’s like starting a business here in the Yukon, and we loved her response. “It’s the quality of life here, the open-mindedness that you can live out of the system and still be part of the system”. “It’s the freedom to create your own identity. You can create yourself as you want and change over time as well. The community gives you space to create yourself.”

To date, she has written over 250 articles in Elephant Journal and that’s where many of her international clients find her. The class we enrolled in is simply a new layer to in her business. “When I stated building my business as an expert, I realized there wasn’t enough consumer base in the Yukon, so I started to get really excited about Yukon knowledge and expertise being an export product or service. When I work with clients from around the world, they need what we have. They don’t have nature or non-cell phone moments the way we do- so it is our job to share this with the world.”

We are very excited too about the idea of a Yukon knowledge as base, a way for people to do something in the Yukon that’s fulfilling and then share it with the world as a business endeavor. “I’ve always wanted to share that idea, that we can take our Yukon knowledge and turn it into a stimulating International business, but I didn’t know it would lead to teaching this Create the Business you really WANT course with (co)space. I am happily surprised with this result.”

Ruth exudes passion whenever she speaks of this new chapter. We asked her how she gets motivated. “Dedication to my own fulfillment; seeing it as an extension of self-love so I can have a sense of accomplishment.”

And finally, we asked, what advice would you give someone starting their own business in the Yukon? “To see it as a lifestyle choice, and to really think well-rounded instead of just about the money. It is great if we can consider getting the sleep we need, taking care of our health, getting out in the middle of the day when we have sunshine as integral parts of running our own business. Seeing these self-care aspects as just as important to our success as monetary gain. If you only focus on the money, you are only looking at the hardest part and not on what else you have to gain.”

We really enjoyed our three weeks with Ruth, and encourage anyone in business, or interested in how they can get “unstuck” to connect with Ruth, we are so lucky to have her in our Territory! #LookInside